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What You Need to Know

Open a Theta wallet @

They’ll give you a phrase of individual words that you need to save and keep in a safe place. If you lose this you’ll never be able to get your your wallet again.


Open a Kraken account @

Same thing, just follow the steps. You’ll need you DL


Get the wire instructions from Kraken and put them into your bank account


Wire money to Kraken


Buy Bitcoin in the Kraken account


Open or

Simpleswap has a higher payout, but is variable and Godex has a lower rate, but is fixed. If prices are changing rapidly, the fixed rate may be a good option.


Take the amount of BTC and subtract 0.00015

This is the amount you will exchange for TFUEL


Enter that number into the left column making sure it’s on Bitcoin


Search for TFUEL and it will give you an exchange rate


Hit exchange and copy and paste your theta wallet hash (it’s long any have a copy button next to in your theta wallet)


Hit enter and it will give you a different hash. Copy it. It will also give you an order #, snap a photo of it. 


In Kraken, withdraw your Bitcoin. You will have to add a new address. I label them TFUEL-1, TFUEL-2 and so on. Paste the hash from Godex/Simpleswap

Make sure the amount you are sending minus the fee of 0.00015 BTC equals what you entered and send. 


Takes about 20 mins and the TFUEL will show up in your wallet. 


If it doesn’t. Go to Godex/SimpleSwap and either chat or email them the order number. Their customer service is awesome. 



This is a simple way to swap your purchased crypto in TFUEL via Godex